ROSHNI – Centre of Women Collectives led Social Action, was set up with a vision to empower women collectives, and equip them to lead social action on food, nutrition, health, WASH (FNHW) and gender interventions.

We seek to enable women to transform their own lives through holistic health and social development.

Housed at the Department of Development Communication and Extension at Lady Irwin College, the centre is a technical support unit to DAY-NRLM. It works as a knowledge and capacity building hub for scaling-up DAY-NRLM’s Dashasutra Strategy and DAY-NRLM committed activities under the POSHAN Abhiyan 2018-2022.
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What we do

ROSHNI-CWCSA incubates new ways of promoting FNHW based livelihoods and generates evidence on promoting social inclusion through women’s collectives by reducing economic and social vulnerabilities.
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News & Stories

The tricky business of measuring toilet use

by Radhika Menon

Impact evaluations of low-cost interventions across four Indian states reveal interesting findings on how to accurately measure toilet use.

Published on IDR Online on 02/05/2019 on 29/11/2019

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In Bihar Schools, Student-Gardeners Improve Nutrition, Health Metrics

Shreya Raman | IndiaSpend

Students of Jalalgarh middle school in Purnia district, in eastern Bihar, queue up to wash hands before eating their mid-day meals, November 21, 2019 Purnia, Bihar: When she grows up, 14-year-old Amita Kumari wants to become a police officer just like her mother.

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Research & Reports

Making the Swabhimaan Programme Gender Transformative

Swabhimaan assesses and promotes the delivery of a consolidated package of 18 essential nutrition-specific and sensitive interventions aimed at enhancing the overall nutritional status of adolescent girls, newlyweds, pregnant women and mothers of under 2 years, thus covering the major stages of a woman’s life cycle...

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Dr. Anupa Siddhu (Chairperson)
Director Lady Irwin college
Delhi University

Lady Irwin College has been working since 1932 on women empowerment through several prisms of developmental phases in India. The education in the college is geared towards developing young women professionals to understand changing women’s needs. They reach out to the community for nutritional guidance, human development in various stages of life cycle, education, textile, resources, water and hygiene. Department of Development Communication and Extension particularly works with Women Collectives led Social Action through its ROSHNI centre in three states with UNICEF model of Swabhimaan in partnership with NRLM, MoRD, GOI. This website describes and updates its experiences on social action on Food, Nutrition, Health and WASH (FNHW).

The endeavour to scale this initiative to several states, build capacities, provide training and create expertise for participatory evaluations. The ROSHNI Centre is as much working on Gender layering in states to empower communities as a whole and develop holistically with various livelihood system and nutrition based agricultural practices. Hope this site is interactive, informative and igniting those who work in these areas and bring them together and ensure professional Collective led Social Action in Jan Andolan. It will be our pleasure to receive your feedback so that we grow together.


Valuing Girls and Women